August 18, 2010

Things I've Learned

As I mentioned, I plan to do a post like this every now and then with things I've learned.  Some serious.  Some not.  Think it may be fun to look at all of them once I get a good list.  
  1. Your kids are always watching you.  If you want them to do/not do something, then do it/don't do it yourself.
  2. There are too many wonderful books to waste your time on a bad one.  It's okay to put it down, unfinished.  Just make sure you at least gave it a chance, and then return/freecycle/swaptree/donate it.  Someone else may love it.
  3. Everyone deserves respect.  Even that nasty man at the grocery store that jumped you in line and scowled at you like you were nothing.  Maybe he was having an awful day and was rushed to be somewhere, maybe he has a family member that's really sick, maybe he's normally a fabulous person.  You never know.
  4. Having quiet time with nothing to do is a blessing.  Savor it. 
  5. Wear facial moisturizer with SPF every day.  Moisturize at night too (esp. the eyes) when you're over 30.
  6. There's nothing wrong with eating ice cream every. single. day.  In fact, I encourage it.  
  7. If you have kids, keep a box of new batteries (all sizes) in an easily accessible place.  You'll say you won't buy toys that require batteries, but somehow you will still go through a ton of them.  
  8. Date nights are really important, and the kids will be fine with a babysitter. 
  9. That other mom you know - the one you think is perfect - makes mistakes and has doubts and moments of guilt too. 
  10. Nobody likes spending time with someone who complains a lot.


  1. what beautiful life lessons!

    thank you for those!

  2. That is so true...I am going to get an ice-cream right now:)
    Thank you for those..:)


  3. great list. you are wise and awesome all at once.

  4. You live near Boston? Can I just say thats my dream city?!

    And ps. beautiful lessons. just newly obsessed with your blog!

  5. Your list is very very good! If applied, we all could learn something!!! I already believed most of what you said...except about the kids. I don't have any, and don't know!! :-]

  6. i'm working hard on the complaining thing, being that i'm 25 weeks preggo and sick as a dog. woof!


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