August 23, 2010

Sleeping Boys, Cool Breezes, and Apples

This week's Three Beautiful Things:
1.  My sleeping boys.  I love going in their rooms at night.  Making sure they're tucked in, that all the books and toys are out of their way.  They look so peaceful.  I wonder what they dream about?

2.  The brisk breeze coming through the bedroom window, keeping me cool at night.

3.   The sweet crunch of a Ginger Gold apple.  I'm excited to be entering apple season.  Time to get my apple recipes out!


  1. That is so true...Time for apples:)
    Your boys are so sweet:)
    happy Monday,my dear

  2. Those apples look like one of my favorite ones...Cortlands! Them and granny smiths make the best apple pies!! Come on apple season!!! ^_^

  3. I love to watch my girls sleep as well... they're so sweet and peaceful. The other night my oldest, who's 3, told me she was going to dream about bunnies hopping in a field of clovers. I can't think of a sweeter dream!


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