August 17, 2010

Come Live With Me - a Poem

I used to love getting a cup of coffee and cozying up in a corner of a bookstore or library.  I often picked the poetry section, especially in the summer for some reason.  Probably just because I had more time for such luxury in the summer.  I don't make much time for poetry these days.  The NY Times ran a few poems last month, Poems for Summer.  Here is one I liked:

Heat exists as energy in transit,
something spontaneous, volatile, elementary,
“something which may be transferred from one body
to another” (James Clerk Maxwell, “Theory of Heat”).
Notice how it moves from an object with a high
temperature to an object with a lower one,
a process of thermal contact, the sun
burning through the coldest morning sky.
Heat increases and flows across boundaries.
It is ancient, fluctuating, vibrational,
like these summer days that are so combustible
and these nights when stars enlighten the skies.
I remember the time you touched me near the stove
and the flames sparked in my body, love.
of “The Living Fire: New and
Selected Poems


  1. I write poetry myself, so obviously I love it too. When I used to go to the library I loved reading funny story writers though, not poetry! Funny...Erma Bombeck and Maya Angelou are people I love to read almost any time!!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo in your post today, by the way. :-)

  2. Such a lovely poem. I'm going to need to save that one for my inspiration book :)


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