July 23, 2010

I've Got a Case of the Guilts

At least I did.  I started writing this post about how I've been battling some mommy-guilt lately.  Which is true.  But I just decided that it's silly, so I'm over it.  Okay, silly isn't the right word.  Unnecessary.  I'm an awesome mom.  I'm sure the guilt will come back again, but when it does, I'll beat it back with a stick and go on loving my boys.

I'm sure every mother experiences guilt at times, right?  (Please say yes.)  It's almost impossible to avoid.  No matter what choices you make, there are others making different ones to whom you will inevitably compare yourself.  It's perhaps toughest as a new mom, but I'm finding it only continues as they get older, and my oldest is only in preschool!

It starts out:  To work or not to work, disposable or cloth diapers, homemade or packaged baby food, organic or non-organic, breastfeeding or formula, sleep training approaches...

And it continues:  Are they eating enough veggies?  Am I reading enough to them?  Am I engaging them enough in learning activities?  Am I encouraging their curiosity the best that I can?  Am I modeling the behavior I'd like them to exhibit?  (A big one for me lately.)  Are they watching too much TV?  Are they getting outside enough?  Am I being consistent enough with discipline?

I am sure the challenges will continue as they get older.  I'll think about when the right time is to get them involved in other activities.  Whether or not I can support them in their schoolwork while still working.  What their choices of friends says about their own personalities.  If they lie.  How I can gain their trust so they will always talk to me.  Nobody said being a mom was going to be easy.

When it comes down to it, though, I think about my big boy, who said to me the other night:
"Thank you Mom, for making me dinner.  It is so so good.  You're a great mom."  I'm not sure what part of that I liked best - That he is a sweet boy who will compliment me and say thank you unprompted, or that he ate all his veggies.  All of it is good stuff.  He is a sweet boy, who is healthy and mostly polite and energetic and curious and learning and who loves me like crazy.  He also has a little brother who can't seem to get enough of me.  And in the end, that's all that matters.

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  1. Awww he is so sweet:) I dont have children yet but I bet that when I do I will have have moments like that and I will always remember about this post:) You are great! Thank you and have a relaxing weekend with your boys:)



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