July 6, 2010

The Universe Had Other Plans

Another weekend of plans unrealized.  I had envisioned a visit from mom-in-law and sisters-in-law to celebrate the little guy's first birthday.  Food on the grill, bubble machine, balloons, homemade cupcakes...good times.  Followed by a day trip to the Cape to visit friends and play on the beach, and then a relaxing day at home.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, we took a trip to CT to visit the in-laws instead, and we made the best of it.  The little guy did get an ice cream cake, which he smooshed all over his face and flung on the walls, which I suppose is really all that's required for a first birthday, right?  We played frisbee, watched some World Cup (Go Spain!), and we did do some grilling.  So although it was not as planned, we managed just fine.  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. Sometimes changes in plans are good too...I am happy it all worked out:)
    This photo is so cute! Happy Tuesday,sweetie
    Ps: Do you have blogger problems...That the comments come to your email but they dont show on the blog?
    Let me know please

  2. Good attitude you've got there. It's hard for me to roll with things when I had a whole different idea in mind. Sounds like it worked out nicely. Smooshed cake makes for a wonderful first bday. Happy birthday to your little guy!

  3. Life is what happens while we're busy making other plans. :] Hooray for Spain.


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