July 8, 2010

Some Cool Photos for a Hot Day

me - Cassis, France

A hot week actually.   It is 6AM, and the temperature is already above 80 degrees.  On its way to the mid-90s again, which is actually a bit of a reprieve from the 100-degree days we've had lately.  Phew.  I am really starting to rethink my decision to postpone installation of central air conditioning.  We at least need a unit in our bedroom.  Why don't we have one?  Honestly....I don't know.  Neither my husband nor I ever thought of it.  Our two units were put into the boys' rooms, and it never occurred to us to get one for ourselves.  Certainly something we should remedy at some point, although a/c units are hard to come by during a heat wave.  So in the meantime, I thought I'd dig up a few pictures that make me think of cooler and more refreshing days.  Enjoy...

Me - St. Martin

Me - on a lake in New Hampshire.  This is what I want to be doing today!


  1. Your photo is fantastic...Yuppie! I want to do this too:) Its hot hot hot ...ufff...I hope it will cool off a bit soon:)
    Kisses sweetie and see you soon!

  2. Beautiful images! I think my blood pressure went down just by scrolling through these beautiful pictures.


  3. you REALLY should buy the cottage so you can swing on a rope every weekend. we'd give you a heck of a deal...lowball it...you'd be our first offer in 4+ years....oooooh, if i could give it to you i totally would. xo


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