February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

Another cold weekend in Boston, but at least this one didn't bring a big snowstorm.  There was the threat of one, but it ended up being a rainstorm, complete with lightning and thunder.  I love thunderstorms, and I think they're especially cool in February.  All that rain on top of all that snow left a really ugly mess, but I'm still thankful it wasn't more snow.  As you can see in these pictures, we did manage to see some blue skies too.  On Friday, all the trees were completely covered in ice, and they were breathtaking against the blue sky.  

It was a relatively quiet weekend at home with the kids, but we did venture out for some family fun.  A morning at the library and then lunch out at a restaurant, with a stop in-between for a couple new board games.  The little boy went down for nap, and we hung out with the big boy in front of the fireplace, trying out the new games.  Good stuff.  And then Sunday morning included a trip downtown to the Children's Museum, which our little guys adore.  They had a blast and were then pooped for the afternoon.  Add in watching a basketball game (my UNC Tar Heels) and a movie Saturday night, and that about sums up our weekend. 

Hope yours was a good one as well!


  1. looks so pretty.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend! What games did you get? Hi Ho Cherrio is the fave game for our 3 yr old. The rest of us are growing tired of it tho... We've even changed it up by putting the stems in the holes and calling it Hi Ho Apple-o to try to keep it fresh :-)

  3. library and lunch sounds so great. :) also, those blue skies are beautiful.

    happy monday, mary! xoxo


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