February 10, 2011


My son is 4, and I decided to have him make his own valentines this year.  I also wanted to avoid candy, because Valentine's Day has somehow turned into as big of a sugar rush as Halloween, and preschoolers really don't need more energy than they already have.  So we decided to go with these cute heart "arrows".  My big boy can almost do the entire thing by himself - the only contribution I'm making is to draw the hearts for him to cut.  He cuts out the hearts, then writes his name and his friend's name, punches out two holes on either side of the heart, threads a glow stick through, and then glues on the little hearts on the ends.  He also wants to add stickers to some of them.  I think they're pretty cute!

*If you wanted to help a bit more, you could come up with cute messages to add, along the lines of "you light up my life", "you make my day brighter", "you make my heart glow"...  I kept it simple and allowed my son the chance to practice his writing instead.


  1. oh these are so super cute!! good work aaron!

  2. Holy crap, Aaron is writing and cutting out hearts- where is the little boy you carried?? Where is that little boy at play? I don't remember growing older, when did they??? Sunrise, sunset!
    Where do you get glow sticks? That's rockin!


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