February 15, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

I love this edition of Kitchen Inspiration, especially because it features a kitchen from a real home.  Not from a magazine or a celebrity house.  This is from Erin at Perfect Sentiment.  I've been a follower of her blog for a long time, and I've known that we share similar design tastes.  She has been lusting after kitchens for a while, just like me; and after years of saving and planning, she finally has reason to celebrate - this gorgeous room

Check out her blog for the before and after - it's pretty cool.  I love how much they opened up the space by removing the walls that separated the kitchen from the living space.  I am also very jealous of their new breakfast nook, and now I'm scratching my head trying to figure out if there's any way we can make enough space to do something like this in our future renovation.  Congratulations Erin!  Well done.


  1. Oh my Oh my! I'm such a sucker for a white kitchen! I just love it when they expose real peoples living spaces. It's so nice to see it real!
    xx tash

  2. Thank you so much for celebrating with me!!! I can't wait to the same with you :-)


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