August 28, 2008

Nie Nie Day

There is a blog called the Nie Nie Dialogues, and I'll admit that I had never read it before last week. That's when I learned that its author, Stephanie Nielson, was in a private plane crash with her husband. She suffered severe burns over 80% of her body and they are both in critical condition, facing months of recovery. She is a mother of four. (I don't know Stephanie, but writing that brings tears to my eyes.) Visit this post from her blog, entitled "I love my life", to see a few gorgeous pictures of their family.

It's been amazing to see the activity in the blogosphere as so many beautiful women (and quite a few men!) rally around Stephanie and her family. Most of them don't know her. Some were loyal readers of her blog, and others weren't. They just see a family in need and are rushing in to provide help however they can. It's truly inspiring.

A woman named Gabrielle who writes a blog called Design Mom came up with the idea of naming today Nie Nie Day. Over 150 blogs are holding silent auctions today (UPDATE: Over 350!), with all proceeds being donated to the Stephanie and Christian Nielson recovery fund to help pay medical bills and household expenses. Look at the items people are offering and the energy they're putting into it. Here. Be amazed. And inspired. And uplifted.

I firmly believe in the power of the universe - that we are all connected, and that sending positive energy and thoughts to people really does make a difference. I am sure Stephanie and Christian can feel the support and love from all of these strangers, rooting for them and their family. They have some coming their way from Boston...

*Image from Blue Lily Photography

UPDATE: Check out this article from the NY Times for more details.

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