October 8, 2010


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I started writing a post the other day about how unmotivated I am at work right now.  I then started feeling worse about things, and I realized that not only does nobody want to read about my woes, but it doesn't even make me feel better to vent like that.  There's a reason why I stick to the positives on my blog, and it's not because I want everybody to think my life is perfect.  It's that I've found that by doing so, I feel this push to find the positives.  They are there, in every situation.
By adjusting my thinking, I'm able to focus on the positives regarding my job too.  I am lucky to have a job.  That's a rather pitiful thing to say, because obviously we all wish we had jobs we were passionate about; but in this economy, and particularly in my line of business, it's not an insignificant thing to say.  I'm also extremely grateful for the amount of flexibility I have.  I arrive at work late most days, and I leave early every day in order to pick up my boys.  I work from home a couple times a week, which saves me time by eliminating the commute and also allows me to keep up with things like laundry.  I am generally the one who stays home with the boys when they are sick or when they have doctor appointments.  If I didn't have a job where I could do all these things, I'm certain it would be impossible for me to attempt this balancing act.

I found myself thinking of the movie 'City Slickers'.  I completely identify with Billy Crystal's character, Mitch, although he didn't have the work/life balance issues of a mother.  He did have a job that didn't inspire him, and he came back from his trip saying that he wasn't going to quit, he was just going to do it better.  Well, I can't go on a cattle roundup for inspiration, and I don't even need to.  I know what I need to do.  I need to do my job well, and I need to make sure I spend a few minutes every week ensuring that I'm spending my time on the things that are most important to me.  As long as I can do that, I know I'll be fine.


  1. That is such a great post and that quote so lovely..So true, that as long as we know whats really important to us we all will be fine:)
    Have a great day and relaxing weekend

  2. great post, miss mary. i'm with you!

  3. love this post Mary! & i like to focus on the positives too - it really helps keep me optimistic.

    i'll have to come back to this post when i start working in January.

  4. Hi Mary - I can relate, sometimes I wonder whether the working thing is all worth it. I know it's for money and sanity and other complex stuff, but when you are a working mother (and your boys are little aren't they?) it's hard to see the value when you are not enjoying every minute of your job.

    I think blogging does make you see the positive side of life, but at times I also find that I am just melancholy and all that positivity just doesn't chime. It's OK to be low for a day or two!

    I hope the feelings pass though - I know exactly what you mean...

    Lou x

  5. I get it. It's hard to adjust your thinking. I struggle with it, but you are so right. Thanks for this post and for the perspective.


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