October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap - the Yellow Edition

Something about this image I just adore.  This is another good example of the style I'd love to have.  Classic, understated, and yet so pretty.  Right down to that charm bracelet. 

Another nice Fall weekend.  We spent the weekend at home, ticking things off our home to-do list.  Little and somewhat boring items, and yet it feels good to have them complete.  Tulip and crocus bulbs planted, new door hinges hung, light dimmer switch replaced, tickets for the Boston Pops holiday concert purchased, birthday package mailed, shutter caps placed and screens put back in, yard raked, phone fixed (finally!), big donations pick-up scheduled, closet cleaned (with items added to donations boxes)...  Wow - now that I list all these things out, we got a lot done! 

We managed to have some fun with the boys too.  Lots of outside playtime.  The big boy is having lots of fun on his balance bike.  He is so proud to be able to go down the entire driveway without touching his feet to the ground.  He is counting down the days until Halloween, and he continues to stomp around the house in his cowboy boots for practice.  I'm looking forward to it myself!  

Here's to a fabulous week!

And for your viewing pleasure, a few more images inspired by yellow...


  1. Completely agree about that top image- love the style. But I can't help but think I don't know if I could pull off yellow pants (!) when I see this shot :)

  2. Tara - I totally agree. I'm fairly certain I couldn't pull off yellow. It's probably my least favorite color. And yet - there's just something about it in this shot, isn't there? :-)


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