October 13, 2010

So Much Beauty...

I love my Three Beautiful Things posts.  It's fun to look around at all the beauty in this world, and it helps to be reminded to do so.  I will admit that there are weeks when I actually struggle to come up with those three things, but of course those are exactly the weeks when it's most useful.  Lately, I think mostly because of this glorious weather, it seems to be extraordinarily easy.  So let's go beyond three this week.  A few beautiful things...

Leaves.  The other day, the big boy asked me why leaves change colors.  His questions are getting harder every day.  I hope it got it right.

Delphinium.  It was the primary flower at our wedding.  I just adore that purplish-blue.

Dark Seasonal Beers.  Pumpkin Ales, Octoberfest Varieties, Porters, Stouts...
Birthday Parties.  I've decided to throw the big boy his first real birthday party.  We'll be inviting just a handful of his friends along with some family over to the house.  I am not much of a hostess or party-planner, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can do it without letting it stress me out.  I'm determined to keep it simple.  He's only turning four, after all.  So far, I'm having lots of fun thinking about it.  When I pressed him for input on colors or theme or cake, his reply to every question was:  "rainbow".  So a rainbow-themed party it shall be!  Can't wait!
Real mail.  You know, the kind that comes in your actual mailbox, as opposed to your email inbox or facebook page?  There's nothing like seeing an unexpected package outside your front door.  I need to write more letters, send more packages.  The feeling goes both ways - it may be even more fun to send than it is to receive.

Italy.  I think we've chosen a new vacation destination for next summer:  Florence.   At least, that's where our current thinking is.  Now let the search begin for the perfect place to stay so I can start planning details! 
Azure Ray.  Azure Ray has a new album out, and it's gorgeous as always.  Perfect music to put on while you're taking a bath.  
Oh, and speaking of...bathtubs are beautiful too.  I need to spend more time in mine, but I did manage to take a bath last week, and it was divine.


  1. I love getting a real mail...It always puts a huge smile on my face...Like this post:) thanks!

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in :)!!!

  2. Real mail - yep - you know me, I love to get stuff in the post! I send postcards all the time in the hope that someone will reciprocate. Some really lovely things here - I am in agreement with pretty much all. Lou x

  3. I love real mail from family and friends. All the personal notes make my day :)

  4. Lovely pics! The first one is my favorite.


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