June 3, 2010


homemade popsicle recipes

I am determined to fill our summer weekends with fun.  I know the summers fly by, and while I adore lazy afternoons, I also want to make sure we take full advantage of the warm sunny days.  I am working on filling our calendar - some big things like our upcoming beach vacation, but mostly small things like visiting our local farmer's market, filling up the kiddie pool, and making homemade ice pops.  

I just got these  Rocket Pop Molds, and I am psyched to try some fun recipes.  I almost got this book, but then I found out all the recipes are online anyway.  I then stumbled across some other fun ideas, such as lemon yogurt with raspberries, mango orange popsicles, strawberry yogurt popsicles...  There are so many!  I know I'll have fun finding different combinations of fruit, yogurt, juice.  I think I may have to try mango-orange first, because I already have all the ingredients and I don't want to wait any longer!


  1. You are so set for summer...Great work!!!! I have to make notes on few of those things....Well done sweetie!!!
    Kisses and have a sunny and fun day:)
    Ps: I adore the photo...


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