June 10, 2010

Summer of Fun

As I've mentioned, I'm determined to maximize our family fun this summer.  Unfortunately, I still have to work, so we'll be having this fun primarily on the weekends.  We have a vacation week in July and a couple Fridays off as well.  Here's a little glimpse at the types of things I'm planning to make sure we all enjoy ourselves while the weather is warm.  Mostly small things that are super easy to do, and we've done quite a few already!
  • Go strawberry-picking
  • Make homemade ice pops
  • Ride bikes
  • Visit the local Farmer's Market
  • Blow bubbles
  • Go to the Public Garden and ride the swan boats and the carousel
  • Go puddle-stomping
  • Go to the beach
  • Make sangria
  • Celebrate the little boy's 1st birthday
99 Balloons - 5x5 Photographic Print
  • Get a treat from the ice cream truck
  • Ride an airplane
  • Paint pictures
  • Go cherry/peach-picking
  • Do a new puzzle
  • Discover new grill recipes
*Image from Martha Stewart
  • Visit Grandma's house
  • Fill up the kiddie pool
  • Take advantage of friends that have a pool
  • Visit the playground
  • Chase butterflies (or dragonflies, or bees!)
  • Have Grandma/Aunts visit our house
  • Go to a Red Sox game
  • Read books
  • Build a sand castle
  • Discover recipes for smoothies
  • Take a picnic
  • Go blueberry-picking
  • Pop popcorn
  • Take advantage of friends that have a beach house
  • Run through the sprinkler
*Image from here
  • Go see the animals at the farm
  • Make homemade lemonade
  • Make s'mores
  • Visit the cottages on Lake Ontario; Play with cousins
  • Take a walk to the Elm Bank


    1. Great ideas for a fun summer...I love them and I just made a know of few...Enjoy sweetie!!!
      Kisses darling and have a great day:)
      Ps: what a beautiful selection

    2. note...oppssss...not know

    3. That quite a list you're going to get through!! Sounds like such a fun summer... what amazing memories your kids will have...

    4. Awesome, awesome list. We're doing ours this weekend after VBS is over.

    5. I finally got ours up today! Go link yours up... It's such a great list you guys have!

    6. Erin - I added my link. Thanks! Your looks pretty fun too!


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