June 21, 2010

Five Senses Weekend

I was by myself with the boys this weekend, and although I was absolutely wiped at the end of each day, it was a really nice couple of days.  Hooray for Summer!

- Clear blue skies
- The little boy walk halfway across the room to me.  Wow he's getting big. 
- The abundance at the farmer's market.  Not so much as what we'll see in August of course, but the beautiful greens of peas and lettuce, red strawberries, and yellow wildflowers.  Not to mention the fresh seafood, bread, pasta...and the families enjoying the splendor.   I'm with Sara at Portland Sunshine - the farmer's market is my version of church. 

- The big boy squealing as he ran through the sprinkler
- The little boy "talking".  I so wonder what he's saying. 
- Big booms of thunder.  I adore summer thunderstorms.  A great way to cap off the glorious weekend.  The boys had just wrapped up another session in the little pool, we brought everything inside, and then the downpour began.  We sat on the front porch and watched the lightning, counting until the thunder came.  The really close ones resulted in two boys clinging to my legs, but they loved it.  The big boy kept waiting to see more. 

- My dad's macaroni salad
- Homemade popsicles (orange-mango this time...another winner, and can I say how nice it is not to feel guilty about giving the big boy a popsicle?)
- Sugar snap peas from the farmer's market - The big boy and I sat on the front porch and ate them raw.  One of my favorite parts of the weekend.
- Grilled shrimp skewers - super easy, and the cilantro gave it such a fresh taste. 
- My favorite tart.  Seriously, this is probably my all-time favorite dessert. 

- My boys soft skin as I slathered them with sunscreen
- Bare feet on grass, dirt, sidewalk, floor.....I didn't wear shoes all weekend. 
- Cool water on my feet while sitting in the hot sun

- Sunscreen.  It's no wonder this smell transports us to warm sunny days.
- Barbecue chicken on the grill
- Fresh flowers on the dining room table
- Not exactly sure how to describe it.....you know that smell after a summer thunderstorm? 


  1. Sounds like so cool...You are such a fun mom...and I making note on all those fun things you do with your boys...so one day when I have kids I can use them:) Thank sweetie and have a wonderful first day of summer:)

  2. Cute boys Mary!


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