June 9, 2010

I Found a Dress

*Image from Boden

I've been searching for a dress to wear to my sister's wedding.  I wasn't having any luck at Anthropologie.  I saw quite a few really cute dresses, but the fit wasn't right on any of them.  Several had gatherings in the front, which would make me look pregnant.  After spending last summer being very pregnant and then being post-baby, I'm very ready to show off my regular self, thank you very much.  I really like Boden, so although I didn't have the option to try things on, I decided to give it a shot and order something.  This super cute turquoise number arrived yesterday, and it is perfect!  Bright and colorful, perfect fit, comfortable, light material awesome for hot July wedding.  Also got 25% off and free shipping.  Hooray!

Now.....on to find shoes...


  1. Oh yes...this is a beautiful dress!!!
    Well done:)
    Kisses darling

  2. super cute! love the color.


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