June 9, 2010

Mikkel Vang

*Image from Mikkel Vang via Inchmark

Something about this picture makes me very happy.  Mikkel Vang has some very beautiful pictures.  This room just feels calm, peaceful. I love the bright window.  I've been searching high and low for a duvet cover that would go with our grayish walls.  Problem is, the walls aren't a true gray, so finding a color or pattern to match has been impossible.  I'm thinking I may just opt for a clean white duvet, perhaps with a little texture, like this one.   This room has inspired me.  


  1. Ohh Mary - yes I see what you mean. This picture is just gorgeous! I have looked at his archive and they all have a lovely restful quality! Thanks for finding such a treat. Love it! Lou x

  2. That is a very calming and fresh room...I adore that photo too:)
    Sometimes a simple decor is the best one:)
    Kisses darling


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