September 20, 2010

Weekend Recap

Another weekend come and gone.  After so many busy and full weekends, it was nice to have an open calendar.  I think the boys appreciated it too.  When I asked Aaron what he wanted to do this weekend, he responded:  "I want to swing.  A lot."  Well, that's easy enough, isn't it?  I'm happy to report that he did in fact, swing a lot.  We got some necessary chores done as well, which aren't so fun but nice to have accomplished. 

We had a date night too.  My husband and I went out for drinks and desserts at one of our favorite local restaurants, and we then went to see the movie The Town, which was very good.  It doesn't feel especially original - it's a cross between Good Will Hunting, Heat, and The Departed.  But if you liked any of those movies, you'll like this one.  Good directing, great acting, beautiful aerial shots of Boston, and lots of action.  Oh, and Ben Affleck's abs.  We enjoyed it, and Kev has finally accepted the fact that Ben is the actor who would play him in a movie.


  1. Just had to say: "Here's to open calendars on the weekends!!!" :-)

  2. I love date nights and we are planning to see that movie too:) Glad you liked it:)
    Happy Monday, my dear

  3. Mmm date nights are the best! I'm glad you liked the movie- the previews looked a little intense for wimpy little me!

  4. Hi Mary - I love those weekends when the agenda is clear! I try to build them in like that whenever possible - which sounds crazy, but they are so necessary to put family life back on track I find. Has your husband made a decision yet about the job? Lou x


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