September 10, 2010

Croatia - August 2011

It's September now.  Is it too early to start planning for next August?  Judging by villa availability, I'd say not.  Besides, sometimes the best part of a vacation is the anticipation of it.  Okay, so hopefully the actual vacation is more fabulous than the anticipation, but it sure is sweet, isn't it? 

I've begun planning our next big trip.  We're planning to travel with family to Croatia next August.  We will be bringing little ones, so we have a lot to consider, and our itinerary will probably look different than if we were traveling sans kids.  I just started doing some research, and I'm already so excited to go.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I just want to take a walk through a little village, buy some fresh fish and produce, bring it back to our villa to grill up an afternoon meal, and dangle my feet in some clear green water. 

How about you?  Any exciting trips planned?

*all images via lonely planet


  1. Other than my hubby tripping over his own feet...No!! ^_^ But you go ahead and plan.

  2. My fiance has been everywhere and he says Croatia is one of his favorite places. We're planning a cruise for next year. We want to take his parents, as a thank you for everything they do for us. It'll be our first trip with the little one!

  3. Hollie - a cruise is probably ideal for traveling with the little one. Someone else to do all the cooking and cleaning, no car required. Sounds wonderful!


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