September 30, 2010

I Need a Break

I am exhausted and still not feeling 100%.  I'm also having one of those weeks where every new task on my to-do list, regardless of its size, completely overwhelms me.  Why am I spending some of my free minutes writing here?  Well, I thought about taking a break from the blog, and I may do it less over the coming months, but I still contend that it helps me focus on the positives and even stay organized a bit more than I otherwise would.

I just need to go somewhere to relax, watch the leaves turn, take a bath, and finish my book.  And oh perfect timing!  This weekend I get to do exactly that.  The husband and I are taking a day off and resuming our annual anniversary tradition by heading to an inn in Vermont for a little rest and relaxation.  Also some browsing through antique stores, drinking yummy Vermont beer, discovering all kinds of goodies at a huge craft fair, outlet shopping, and eating fantastic local food.

Thanks in advance to my mom for hanging out with the kiddos.  (Thanks Mom!)  No doubt she'll be exhausted upon our return, but I'm sure she'll have fun too, getting quality time with the grandsons.  I'll miss them, but a couple days away is a good thing for all of us.  I will just look forward to the huge hugs I'll get when we return.

**These pictures are from our last trip to Vermont, two years ago.  I'll share a couple from this year's trip upon my return.**


  1. Have a good time with the hubby! Relax and just do some looking...instead of correcting, teaching, and chastising. Not that you do any of a mother! ^_^

  2. Mary, those photos of vermont are beautiful!

    i bet you'll return refreshed and renewed. That's great your mom can watch your sons. what a blessing.


  3. Wish you a great weekend,Mary...I bet is will be relaxing:)

  4. I hope you have a lovely and relaxing getaway!! I feel your pain. :]

  5. Hi Mary, Just made my way over to your blog (which I love) from your comments on mine.

    I can definitely relate to the need for a break. I hope you have a very relaxing and refreshing weekend!


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