September 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

It's hard to believe how many hours of entertainment can be had with just one free balloon!

I was by myself with the boys this weekend, and as usual, I'm pooped.  These little guys just sap every last ounce of energy I have.  I wouldn't trade it for a second, though.  We had tons of fun.  There was a town festival on Saturday morning, which meant face painting, a moon bounce, quality time with the fire trucks, popcorn and ice cream.  Then an afternoon playdate with a friend who has little ones of the same ages.  Sunday was cloudy, but we ventured up to the farm to play, pet some animals, and pick some apples.  The cloudy and cool afternoon provided a good excuse to bake something - one of our favorites, this garden harvest cake.  (Note:  I added bran and used whole-wheat flour.  Can replace raisins for walnuts, if you so desire, or add both!  So yummy, and the kids love it.)  Then lots more playing outside - swinging, biking, chasing, pushing, running, throwing - until it was time for dinner.  And so another weekend draws to a close.  I hope yours was wonderful as well!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Mine was great too!! Tennis finals and catching up with a long lost relative!! Happiness! :-)


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