February 23, 2009

Oscars Faves

I love that I have a husband who will stay up later than usual to watch the Oscars with me. We rarely make it to the end, of course, but I do enjoy watching them. I thought this year's show was a little dull, actually, but I was very happy with the winners. Slumdog Millionaire is fantastic, Kate Winslet so deserved an Oscar (I love her!), and Sean Penn is fabulous. (I haven't seen Milk yet, but I want to and have heard it's fantastic.)

I also wasn't terribly impressed with a lot of the dresses, but there were a few that stood out to me. Here are my faves:

Jennifer didn't walk the red carpet, so it was harder to find pictures of her. Not sure these do her justice, but I thought she looked beautiful.

Thinking about the Who would play you? conversation, Natalie Portman is my husband's answer for me. He calls her my Hollywood double, and I certainly don't mind. She's gorgeous. Last night, when she walked on stage, he commented that she has my neck. I liked that compliment very much. She has a very nice neck. ;-)

Stunningly beautiful.

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  1. i agree with kw. i also agree with you that her dress was stunning. np looked super fab. she is def on my best dressed list. ps - oscars is at a normal time for us on the west coast, love that.


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