February 19, 2009

The Second Time Around

Being pregnant is a lot different the second time around. I am already feeling guilty about the lack of attention I'm paying to my newest little guy. The first time, everything is so new and exciting that you pay attention to absolutely everything. I knew exactly how many days/weeks along I was, how much weight I had gained, how big the baby was, etc etc. I read babycenter.com religiously, and I faithfully took a belly shot every week.

I honestly have no idea how far along I am right now. 20 weeks? 21? Somewhere around there. I have checked babycenter once or twice to see how big the baby was, but I can't remember now. I'm getting bigger faster this time, but I have no idea how much I weigh - perhaps I'll actually look at my next doctor's appointment. And I hadn't taken a single belly shot until my sister forced me to last week.

I'm not saying it's not exciting, because it absolutely is - I can't wait to meet my new little boy. It's just different.

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