February 19, 2009


I'm home from my trip to Spain. Actually, I've been home since last Saturday, but I've been trying to catch up since then and haven't had time to post. I want to get back into it, though, because I miss my daily focus on positives.

The trip to Barcelona was great. I was there less than a week, and my primary objective was to spend quality time with my sister, baby nephew, and brother-in-law. I had been there before, and the weather was pretty chilly, so we didn't really do anything in the way of being touristy. Lots of walking, reading, playing, and eating. It was very nice. I went by myself, and although I missed my boys, it was also very good for me to get away from the usual routines that demand my time and energy at home.

These pictures are of one of the many Gaudi buildings in Barcelona. One of my favorite things to do in European cities is walk and enjoy the spectacle of the architecture. Barcelona is particularly beautiful in this regard. So many interesting buildings, structures, parks, neighborhoods, churches. One of my favorite spots - we didn't visit this time around, but we did during our first summer visit - is Park Guell. So unique and beautiful, with gorgeous views as well.

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