February 6, 2013

Kitchen Update

We've been slowly making little additions here and there throughout the house.  Making the house a home.  This week's fun item is our new runner for the kitchen.  Really, I love that it's a good excuse to post more pictures of my pretty kitchen here.  But the rug really does add so much to the space that it's worth showing it again.  This area, between the cooktop and the sink, is where I spend a good portion of my time.  Isn't it cute?


  1. how gorgeous is this!

  2. your kitchen is so amazing and fabulous. it is like a rejuvenation photo shoot house. perfect. the rug is the icing on the cake. love.

  3. If this were my kitchen I would probably post a picture everyday. Love the rug!

  4. Your kitchen looks AMAZING!


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