February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap - A Ridiculous Amount of Snow

let's paint!

new masterpieces

the storm began...can you see the boys sledding outside?

The view from the front door on Saturday morning

He could stay out in the snow all day long.

They canceled school on Friday, in anticipation of the start of a big winter storm.  That morning, before the snow began, the boys played outside and rode their bikes on the clear street.  By the afternoon, they were sledding.  The next morning, we woke up to about 30 inches of snow!   Crazy.

I'm a huge fan of a blizzard.  It's a great excuse to stay home, cozy up by the fireplace, and do fun indoor things as the snow swirls around the house.  30 inches is a bit much, but the boys are having a lot of fun playing in it.  My shoulders are sore from shoveling, and I'm okay with that.  We played, shoveled, drank hot chocolate, painted, played games, watched movies, and went outside to play some more.

Sunday was a glorious day.  As the trucks and plows still attempted to clear all the streets, we spent an afternoon at a local sledding hill.  It was a bright and sunny day, and you could tell everyone was so excited to be back outside.  We had a great time, and my calves are going to be a bit sore now too.

School is canceled again today, and there is a light freezing rain falling.  The boys are outside playing, and I have some indoor plans ready to keep us occupied for another day.

School will still be there tomorrow.


  1. I was thinking of you as I saw the news coverage of that storm! The snow looks amazing. We had about 3 inches and we thought that was a lot! I agree; snow days are special...as long as you can get out and you have everyone right where they need to be - ie at home! Not so much fun if anyone is stranded. Glad you made it through OK! Lou x

    1. Oh, you're so right - I do only love storms when everybody is safe and sound inside, with everything we need and nowhere we need to be. I shouldn't make light of it, either. Too many people were hurt or died over the weekend. I'm fortunate we only had to focus on the fun stuff.

  2. I was thinking of you too! I don't think I've ever seen that much snow. Glad you guys are ok!

  3. awesome! thought of you all weekend!!! so cool!


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