February 7, 2013

A Few Things...

There's a storm coming!  It's been a long time since we had a good old-fashioned blizzard, but it looks like we're going to get hit with a good one.  We might get a couple feet of snow!  I see lots of shoveling, sledding, hot chocolate, and movies on our weekend agenda.

I thought I'd share a few things here before heading to the grocery store to stock up...

I'm glad I'm not dead.  This article in the NY Times will make you smile and think of all those perfect moments in life.  It will also make you appreciate the less-than-perfect ones.

I just ordered a new bottle of facial oil.  It is the answer to my winter dry skin, and the smell is divine.  The perfect way to end each day.

The 30 Rock series finale was awesome.  What a fitting end to a silly and great show.

Article on being a happy mom of boys.  I still get the questions.  "Are you sure you're done? You don't want to try for a girl?"  It's insulting.  My family is complete, and I am so happy that the universe blessed me with two gorgeous, healthy boys.  I was meant to be a mother of sons.

Speaking of sons, my six-year-old made his first purchase with his own allowance money.  I think he made a very cool choice...


  1. Jump ropes were my FAVORITE when I was a kid. In fact, now I kind of want one!

    I saw that there was a storm brewing up that way! I hope you guys stay safe and have a lot of fun. :]

  2. Hello - I LOVE that you used Tania's picture - perfect - and I LOVE that you ordered some new oil from me! I hope you enjoy it - it's perfect for cold weather conditions! Lou x


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