February 12, 2013

A Few Little House Updates...

A few house updates:

1.  New pillows for our kitchen seating nook.  It is now officially my favorite spot in the house.  Perfect to sit, drink a cup of coffee, read...  Even better than my gorgeous bathtub, because I actually get to use it!
2.  I got this picture for Christmas 2011.  I originally had an idea of doing a collage wall above our bed, but it never happened, and this awesome piece has been sitting in my closet!  It's now on our dresser.  I love it.  I can just hear them saying "Ten more minutes!".  Quite appropriate.  
3.  Another new chair for the living room.  The fabric turned out much cooler than I had expected, but it's growing on me.  It sits low to the ground, and it's really comfortable.  Next up for this spot - a floor lamp.
4.  More new pillows.  These happy pillows definitely brighten up the couch, and add a touch of femininity to it.  

Little by little...

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