February 25, 2013

Checking In...

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning.

I realize I haven't really written very much here lately.  Life is moving along, as fast as ever.  Being at home has somehow made it harder for me to stop and sit down.  It seems ironic, but I feel more than ever that I should always be doing something.  Every day has its list of tasks and chores, I've been able to exercise most days, and of course I get lots of time with my boys.  It's all good, but I do crave alone time, that time to sit and ponder.  I need to go back to my routine of spending some quiet time by myself after the boys go to sleep.  It simply feels good to quiet my mind, and when I'm able to do it, I can focus even better on all that needs to be done.  

I survived Winter break!  I had some activities planned, but I also wanted to allow time for the boys to be bored and play on their own.  Nathan is skilled at keeping himself entertained, but it's something that Aaron still struggles with.  They did pretty well overall, though.  We finally made it back to skiing this weekend, too, which was great.  Nathan is starting to make good progress, and I think he'll pick it up quickly next season.  

Last night I stayed up too late to watch the Oscars of course.  Jennifer Garner was my favorite on the red carpet.  Such a gorgeous vivid color, stunning necklace, and Ben on her arm.  Beautiful.  So now I'm a little tired, but I'm excited to start a new week.  Can you believe it's almost March already?  I'm hoping for a bit more snow and a couple more days of skiing before the Spring rains set in.  The muddy season is not my favorite.

I'm also still getting things here and there for the house.   This week's additions include a new lamp for the living room, and a picture for the entryway.  I've long wanted an Alicia Bock photograph for the house, but it's so hard to decide when they're all so beautiful.  This tree caught my eye, and when I saw the name, I knew it belonged in our house - The Joy Tree.  

So I'm off to start the week.  As always, there is much to be done, but my singular goal is to find a little peace along the way.


  1. still feeling a lot like February though!!

  2. everybody is getting snow except me! Normally I would be upset, but this year I haven't really minded. We got a little bit on chrismtas day, and that was enough for me. :]

    I really like that print! You'll have to post a picture of how you decide to display it.


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