April 12, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration and House Update

Well, it has begun.  I won't clog up the blog with too many ugly in-process pictures, but every now and then I'll share some, especially as we reach milestones.  It's helpful to celebrate and recognize progress along the way.  I will also continue to share photos that are inspiring me to make decisions along the way.  

This week is primarily devoted to demolition.  We had a small addition on the back of our house. It was not done well, and it was a mess.  It included a bathroom and a room that we primarily used as storage (because it was too cold to be used for anything else).  We are taking it off and building a new bathroom, guest bedroom, and pantry.  I am very excited to see this go.  Maybe even more excited than when we said good-bye to the green curtains.

Here's what our back room looked like:

And after one day of demo, here's what it looks like now!

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  1. that picture makes me so nervous! I can't even imagine what an emotional roller coaster a demolition must be.


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