April 24, 2012

A Little Break...

photo credit:  natasha at beautifully, suddenly

Life is good here.  Changes continue and progress is being made.  Walls are starting to form around the house, and we are picking out sinks and faucets and tile.  My husband is enjoying a little break in-between jobs, and we're enjoying this time with him.  The end of one phase, the beginning of another.  A time to reflect, renew connections, and also a time to be excited about the future.  Change is good.

We are headed south for the rest of the week.  We're going to get a dose of family, do a little celebrating, soak up some sunshine, and walk on the sand.  There is no better place to find peace than at the beach. 

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  1. Have a wonderful trip - I totally agree somehow the beach manages to rejuvenate even the most weary of souls. Enjoy your time away. Annie x


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