April 6, 2012

Alabama Shakes - Hang Loose and Hold On

Have you heard of Alabama Shakes yet?  If you haven't, no doubt you will be hearing their name more and more.  Their album, Boys & Girls, was just released on iTunes this week with a broader release scheduled for 4/10.  I've heard so much hype about them over the six months that I find myself surprised that this is their first album!

Thankfully, the album delivered on its promise.  It's really cool.  Just good, old-fashioned rock & roll.  With lots of blues and R&B mixed in.  I couldn't even decide which video to include.  "Hold On" is the first single, and for good reason.  I just love "Hang Loose", though.  If you are ever in a funk, this song would be the perfect pick-me-up.  "Hang loose, hang loose...let the ocean worry about being blue.  Hang loose, hang loose...roll with the tide and I'm gonna take care of you."

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