April 6, 2010

Oliver Jeffers

 *Map images from The Royal We

I love this map illustrated by Oliver Jeffers for The Royal We. It probably makes more sense for my sister and her husband, who are definitely on the path to world domination, having already visited most continents and more countries than I can name. Still, it's tres cool. Even if it's not this, I need to find a place to hang a map in our house. Maps are inspiring.

I also adore the books illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. We own Lost and Found, and it is one of our favorites. I may have to put the others on A's birthday list.  The Incredible Book Eating Boy looks fabulous.

PS - I love the name Oliver.  I tried to convince my husband to name our second son Oliver, but he just wouldn't go for it.  Too many syllables to go with our very long last name.  Or some such nonsense. I'll always love it though.

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