April 30, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday: Movies

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Here's another installment of Fill in the Blank Friday.  This one is movie-based, and once again I will struggle to come up with superlatives - my favorite of all-time?  Too hard.  After last week's music-themed post, I kept thinking of bands I should have included or concerts I should have mentioned.  I'm sure that will be the case again this week.  But I'll just answer in stream of consciousness fashion and see where it takes me.  Just know that if I wrote this next week my answers would no doubt be completely different.  I'm sure you understand.

1.  My absolute favorite movie of all time is      I've stared at this long enough.  Depends on my mood, truly.  "It's a Wonderful Life" during the holidays.  "Casablanca" or "When Harry Met Sally" when I'm feeling romantic.    .

2.  My favorite movie as a child was        Hm.  Well, the movies I watched over and over as a kid were Ghostbusters and Sixteen Candles    .

3.  The best movie quote ever is      It's not the best ever, certainly, but I could stare at this one forever.  Also, I'm not a man and cannot quote movies quite like they can.  I think we can all agree that's a typically male trait, right?    The quote that immediately leapt to mind is from "Dodgeball".  Pepper Brooks (Jason Bateman):  "Usually you pay double for that kind of action, Cotton."  Jason Bateman's character totally made that movie for me.  Cracks me up!  "Effin' A, Cotton, Effin' A!"      .

4.  My favorite actress is      Kate Winslet.      My favorite actor is    I've been staring at this a while now too.  Morgan Freeman is an excellent choice.  Here's who leaps to mind:  Ewan McGregor, Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe is great but would I call him a favorite?, Matt Damon, Ethan Hawke, Ed Norton!  Ah yes, I think we'll go with Ed.     .

5.  The movie I could watch over and over is     "Bull Durham".  I'm a baseball fan, and this is my favorite baseball movie.  Endlessly quotable.   Also..."Pride and Prejudice" and "Sense and Sensibility".  Gotta love a good period piece every now and then, especially if I'm in the mood for a good happy cry.  The ending of "Sense and Sensibility" where Emma Thompson's character finds out that Hugh Grant isn't married?  I sob buckets of tears of joy.  every. single. time.  .

6.  My favorite movie genre is       Indie.  I like all kinds, but I think I especially like unique and quirky movies.   Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  Garden State.  Little Miss Sunshine.  Sideways.   .

7.  A movie I'd like to watch this weekend is      "An Education".   Not sure my husband's up for it though.  Maybe.  We'll see.     .

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  1. Huh - I haven't thought about Bull Durham for years, but it used to be a favourite and you are right, it is endlessly quotable. Susan Saradon looks just amazing in it too and those were Kevin Costner's good days! LB x


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