April 6, 2010

Baby Pics

The baby on the left is me. The baby on the right is my sweet little boy. Lots of people have told me he looks just like me. I'm not sure I see it, so I thought I'd do a little side-by-side. I can definitely see it more looking at this baby picture of me. He definitely got my cheeks, big round head, very little hair, and his eyes are dark brown. And maybe the eyebrows. He got a little of my husband's chin. The ears are debatable, but they're super cute wherever they came from. He doesn't have my ski slope nose - that's from Kevin for sure. Maybe it's the smile. That looks like it could be mine. Ah, who cares, he's gorgeous and so am I!


  1. I love this whole post, but esp the last line. xo

  2. Kittymac6.4.10

    Yes, dear sis, you are both gorgeous! And thanks for posting that! Nathan is a wonderful combination of you & Waz! :) Love you!!


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