April 20, 2010

City Prints

I love these city prints.  I keep finding all these fun prints, and of course I won't buy most of them.  Maybe not even any of them.  But it doesn't mean I can't enjoy looking.  I do love Boston - it is home to me and my boys.  If I ever moved away from Boston, I would certainly have to take a piece of it with me.  But I don't see myself going anywhere.  This is home.  I love the little pop of red in this print, and I could see it going really nicely in a white kitchen. 


  1. I just got the one from Sacre Couer a couple of months ago as we have wonderful memories of the locale. I swear we think alike!

  2. I love that print you are right the pop is red is just perfect with that print. I like your blog, its everything I like



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