April 13, 2010

Highlights from the Great Escape

So much love in one little hammock.

Some thoughts and tidbits from our recent trip.  Just some highlights that I want to remember as I look back at our time in Puerto Rico.

- "Well, the only way I can seat you together is to put you towards the front of the plane in our extended leg-room section."  Oh, darn.  :-)  Sometimes running a little late pays off.

- "Mom, look at all the doughnuts in the palm trees!"  "You mean coconuts, honey."  "Right.  Doughnuts." 

- Since we were traveling with our little ones, we reserved a one-bedroom suite, and we were a little disappointed we couldn't utilize our hotel points.  However, I guess the points ended up paying off.  We walked into an enormous suite, with two bedrooms and two full bathrooms upstairs, and a living room downstairs.  Awesome!

- The kids were awesome on both flights.  Expect another post soon about some of the items that worked for us to keep our 3-year-old entertained. 

- We continued to prove the theory that any restaurant is kid-friendly in the early-evening hours.  Our first night, we went to Morton's.  No crayons or chicken tenders in sight, and it was still very successful.  The big boy and I split a lobster tail, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. 

- The little boy was very flexible.  He took his morning nap in his stroller while we played on the beach.  (LOVE this stroller, by the way.  Light, super easy to recline, easy to fold, comfy for the little guy....love it.)

- On the second day, we found a great place for lunch and just kept going back.  Great local feel, good food, good beer, very friendly service. 

- Puerto Rico is one of those places where lots of the women want to tell you how beautiful your baby is and then say "God bless him".  We received so many smiles and blessings.
- An image I want to keep in my head:  The big boy and K running like crazy people around the playground.  Flapping their arms, pretending to be birds.  Hiding from each other behind palm trees.  Giggling hysterically. 

The big boy said his favorite part was playing in the sand.
It's hard to tell what the little boy's  favorite part was - he is always smiling!


  1. ooooh these pix are so great! love the hammock shot. this is a beautiful post! so fun to see.

  2. Hurray for you guys Mary! Sounds like a fabulous escape.


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