April 5, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

*Images provided by (clockwise from top left): magpie lovely, piperlime, luckybrand, jcrew, boden, and anthropologie

I hate shopping. Truly. I rarely do it, so when I do, I typically choose basic pieces that fit into my wardrobe and last a long time. I recently picked up a few things, and as you know, my birthday just passed, so I received a few fun items as well. I thought I'd share, because I love when I get things that I instantly fall in love with.

Tee - I wrote a post about this great orange top I saw at Magpie Lovely. Lucky for me, my sister read it and ordered it for my birthday! It's great. Super soft cotton, not too thin, nice and fitted, and a great shade of orange that looks good on me. I will wear this all the time.

Havaianas Flip-Flops - I tried wearing flip-flops a looooong time ago, and they hurt my feet so badly that I vowed never to wear them again. I am sure I must've been wearing a cheap pair. I got these for my birthday, and I've been wearing them around the house in preparation for our upcoming trip. They are super comfortable and will take up a lot less space in my suitcase!

Lucky Jeans - Yes, they're a little on the expensive side, although not nearly as expensive as some other brands. But they fit. Like a glove. And this is one store where I actually don't mind going - the stores are small and not overwhelming, and the staff is friendly and helpful. They will help you find the right pair of jeans. And I adore mine. When my old ones got a hole in the knee, I just went straight back to Lucky to get another pair. Easy.

Lounge Pants - I had to get some shorts. And very few stores up here have them yet - plus I loathe going to the mall - so I went online and ordered a couple pair from J.Crew. In order to get free shipping, I needed to add one more item to my cart. I went with these lounge pants, and I've worn them every day since they arrived. They are perfect. Super soft, easy, comfortable.

Crossover Swimsuit - I must confess: I feel old buying a one-piece bathing suit. But let's just say that I do not feel like I'm in bikini shape at the moment. I bounced back pretty easily after my first baby, but a few years and another baby later, I'm afraid my stomach is going to take a little longer to get back in shape. In the meantime, I'll still look super cute, and it'll be easier to play with my boys in this one-piece.

Capri Blue Jar Candle - I don't typically spend $28 on a single candle. But I have two boys still in diapers, so let's just say my house doesn't always smell fresh and clean. Just a few minutes after lighting this candle, the entire house smells like a garden. Fresh, sweet, but not overwhelming. Love it.

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