April 23, 2010

Five Senses Friday

*Image from Tartelette, a beautiful and inspiring food blog

- Tulips!  Yellow, white, pink, purple, red.  Lots of other flowers, too, but tulips are the star of the show this week.
- A clean dining room table.  It makes all the difference in the world to have an uncluttered room.

- Strawberries.  Lots and lots of fresh strawberries.  Think I'll splurge on some pound cake and whipped cream this weekend and highlight the berries.  It feels like it's time for strawberry shortcake.  Maybe I'll get ambitious and make some from scratch.  Oooh, or maybe it's time for the tart!
- Dim Sum.  I went more for the fun, the experience, the conversation.  But it tasted good too!

- The little boy's soft, warm hands.  I think he got those from his dad.  I can imagine him holding hands with a girl some day, and she will adore his soft warm hands.  Maybe almost as much as I do.
- My cold spoon and cold mug, as I eat ice cream.  every. single. night.

- Birds chirping in the bushes
- The big boy singing in the back seat, while I pretend not to listen

- Hyacinth in our back yard.  You can smell them from a mile away.  Intoxicating.  Finally - it smells like Spring too!
- Pancakes cooking.  Always better to get up when the kitchen smells like pancakes.

*Speaking of strawberries, how do you like the big boy's "long rainbow hair"?

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