March 24, 2010

Where, When, How, What?

Erin at Perfect Sentiment had a blog post this morning about the hows and whys of blogging. I've explained the why before, but I thought I'd play along...

Where do I blog?
Mostly, it's in the office at home. I adore this space since we finally got it renovated, and especially since we invested in a Mac.

When do I blog?
Like Erin, I typically hop on for a few minutes right after the boys go to bed. That little energy spurt is usually when I throw out a few posts. Sometimes I'll do a few at once and schedule them out over a few days. I do this a couple times a week, especially when my husband is working late.

What is my blog?
It's my happy place. A place where I focus on the positives. That's my only rule: no negativity. I post recipes, pretty pictures, fun and random things, music, family pictures, and any other little thing that I happen to stumble across that makes me happy.

How do I go about it?
I don't have a system. It's pretty random. But I do have a few reoccurring topics: menus and recipes, three beautiful things, five senses posts, and I used to focus quite a bit on organizing, although that's tapered off recently. I probably need to reenergize my efforts there. With two little ones, and with my only regular readers being long-distance family and friends, I also post a lot of kid photos. I'll post quotes, music, books, movies, pretty house/interior pictures, etsy finds, and whatever else I may be thinking about that day. I'm a working mom with two small kids, so the topic of balance is often on my mind - sometimes it makes the blog too.


  1. Your space is gorgeous! It's what I dream of my space turning into, as I could do without the 1950s scallop-y woodwork. Thanks for linking up and sharing!

  2. Hi Mary! Thank you for your comments on my blog today. So happy you stopped by.

    I love your blog space. So clean, yet homey. I imagine you're very inspired here :)


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