March 31, 2010


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I love bread, and I love finding ways to keep my 3-year-old entertained, especially on cold and wet weekend days. This Winter, we began a weekend ritual of baking something together. He loves helping me. We both put on our aprons, get out all the ingredients, and he gets to measure everything out into the bowls, crack eggs, and stir. It's fun, it makes the house smell yummy, and as an added bonus, we end up with a bread or muffins that provide us with breakfast for the week! Here are a few of the recipes we've enjoyed over the past few months:

Garden Harvest Cake - This is probably our favorite. It's sweet and very moist. It's an easy recipe to tinker with - add more walnuts, or raisins, sub a little applesauce for the oil, add a little bran, use wheat flour... We've tried different variations, but it's super yummy as it's written. AMW loves that it is sweet and yummy and that he gets to see me grate up a carrot, zucchini, and apple. I love that it gets more veggies into his belly.

Banana Oatmeal Bread - I love the addition of oatmeal. I've also been trying to incorporate more wheat flour into my baking, mostly doing half and half. If you're feeling like it, add some chocolate chips.

Pumpkin Bread - We've tried a few pumpkin bread recipes. AMW loves pumpkin bread. This is our current favorite, but I'm still searching for the one that will stay in my recipe file for years. Do you have one you'd like to share?

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