March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

*Disneyworld was a great place to celebrate turning 30!

Today is my birthday. This is my 36th! Wow. I don't think it really hit me until I just typed that. 36. That's the upper 30s. That's what I used to call old. Of course, now that I'm here I don't think it's old at all.  Strange.  I don't feel like I should be 36.  Maybe because I have a bunch of younger friends.  Maybe because my kids are so little. Maybe because I'm still smokin' hot. Okay, maybe not that, but I don't feel 36.  Actually, it took a monumental effort to get out of bed this morning, so maybe I do feel 36 sometimes. And the wrinkles around my eyes give me away.

Birthdays aren't really big deals to me, but a few of them stand out. I think the first birthday party I remember was my 6th or 7th. It was a party at home with all of my friends from school. I just remember playing outside, and although it was late March in upstate New York, I don't remember it being cold. I remember several years in a row of getting big cookies. You know those big cookies you could get at the mall? Yeah, that was my birthday "cake" for a while.

My 21st birthday was awesome. UNC beat Kentucky to make it to the Final Four. We watched the game in my dorm room, and then headed out at midnight, when I was legally old enough to get into the bars. My friends had arranged for a stripper to strip for me at an extremely crowded bar on Franklin Street (Chapel Hill, NC). He was a cowboy. I rode him. Good times.

My 30th birthday was awesome as well, and I think it might be my favorite birthday so far. My husband arranged for us to have dinner at my favorite restaurant in Boston. We arrived, sat at the table, and were then joined by my sisters, who had flown in to surprise me! We enjoyed a fabulous meal and then went out for champagne. Oh! And I almost forgot going to the spa the following day! The birthday celebration was extended further with a trip to Disneyworld with my best friend, who turned 30 a few months earlier. Just the two of us. Nice weather. Short lines. And I finally got to take a picture with Dopey. It was perfect.

36 will be good too. We don't have anything big planned. But that's okay. Time at home with my boys is good, and I have a few boxes to open. Think I'll get a good bottle of wine. I'm splurging on a spa pedicure tomorrow. I need pretty toes for my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico. Life is good.

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and are still getting enjoy it on into the weekend! I totally feel the same way. I feel way younger than 37. I remember not having interest in the show 30-Something bc it was for old people. Ha! My daughter told me how many days it was going to be until she was a 2nd grader and I told her I was far too young to have a kid that old! At least that's how I feel!

    Happy Birthday!!


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