March 1, 2010

See You in Sochi

Well, the 2010 Olympics are over. What was your favorite part? I love the Olympics, and although I watched the prime-time coverage most nights, I still feel like I missed so much. I didn't even get to watch curling! (You laugh, but I really do find it fascinating.) I did see a lot, though, and it's hard to pick a favorite moment.

I was so excited to see Julia Mancuso and Lindsey Vonn win their medals, and I was equally bummed to watch their struggles in the later races and the media coverage of their lack of friendship. (They're teammates and competitors - who says they have to love each other? They respect each other, and that should be enough.) I loved watching the snowboard competitions. It's hard to believe, but I remember when the Olympics didn't even include snowboarding. It's infinitely more fun now. Shaun White is incredible. Torah Bright is so cute, and I loved that everyone seemed genuinely excited for her, even her competitors. How the heck did Seth Wescott win that race? My jaw dropped watching him. Kim Yu-Na was elegant and beautiful, and I was entranced by her skating. She reminded me a little of Michelle Kwan, who I also really liked watching. Joannnie Rochette made me cry. I am so sad and so happy for her at the same time. Rachael Flatt was so excited to be there, and she did an amazing job. What was the name of that ski cross guy? From Colorado? I don't even remember his name, because he didn't win, but I loved rooting for him anyway. He went for it at the end and fell on the final jump, resulting in a fourth place finish. But I love that he went all out. I like watching Apolo Ohno and the speed skating events, but I really loved rooting for J.R. Celski - I love watching the young ones, especially those who seem so excited just to be there, representing their country and their sport. Of course there were lots and lots of other great sports - I even enjoy watching the cross-country skiing and ski cross and ski jumping. Aerials is stunning.

I was bummed to miss most of the men's hockey final - I watched some of the overtime period. What a classic. Of course I was rooting for USA, but I was secretly really pleased that Canada won. What a fabulous way to end their Winter Games.

With tons of classic moments, I think Hannah Kearney's Gold medal in the moguls was my favorite. I was off my chair for that one.

Which event had you screaming at the TV?

*Images from NY Times

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  1. i love this post. very reflective and thoughtful and a perfect way for you to look back on the olympics...through your own eyes. i totally agree with your take on the vonn/mancuso drama - i also agree that snowboarding was a great addition to the games. torah is so super cute, i bet people will start naming baby girls torah now. i could go on and on. loved the olympics, sad they are over, counting down for the summer olympics in 2 years - yipee! xo


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