April 10, 2008

Use It Up!

In an effort to continue to reduce our level of "stuff" and to waste less, I've decided to impose the following rule: I am not allowed to buy more of something until I've used it up. I am particularly thinking of bath items. I have several bottles of partially used lotions, body wash, bath bubbles/salts... So I am not going to buy any more until all of them are gone. I also often buy shampoo and conditioner at the same time, when really I only needed the conditioner, so I end up with a stash of shampoos. No more! This concept can be applied to all sorts of items, of course. Lotion is just where I'm starting.

I also try to do this every now and then with groceries. Instead of planning my menu and then making my grocery list, I will look at what I already have in my cabinet and try to build a menu using the things I already have.

I did a google search for "use it up" and found a similar entry on Unclutterer. Of course this isn't an original idea. But that doesn't mean it's not a good one. Use it up!

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