April 17, 2008

Three Love Stories

There is a sappy girl who likes love stories inside me, and good period movies bring her out. Here are a few favorites. The first two are recent ones. Atonement is a gorgeous movie. It is also sad, but let's focus on the beauty. If you haven't seen it, please read the book first. Books are always better. It was probably my favorite book I read last year. But the movie is great, and it really is rare that I can say I enjoyed a movie nearly as much as the book. The acting is wonderful and everything about the movie is beautiful.

I love this movie. I've watched Pride & Prejudice several times now, and it just gets me very time. My only complaint is the silly giggly younger Bennett sisters, but I suppose they were meant to be annoying. Keira Knightley is perfect as Elizabeth Bennett, and I don't even know the actor who played Mr. Darcy, but he was pretty perfect as well. He has a very sexy, smoldering seriousness about him. This probably isn't one you can talk the man in your life to watch - or maybe you can, who knows - but if you ever find yourself alone or with a girlfriend, wanting to watch something sweet and romantic, pick this one up.

And if you like these, I'd also recommend Sense & Sensibility. I guess it shows my age to say that I remember watching this at the theater in college with my sister. I adore Kate Winslet and the end makes me cry tears of joy.

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