April 20, 2008

Spa Day

I had the most lovely Sunday afternoon. I met a good friend of mine for lunch, deciding to indulge in a mimosa and a mashed potato-stuffed omelet. Mmmmmmm...

We then went to this fabulous spa. As soon as we hit the door, we immediately relaxed. It's that kind of place. Every smell and sound is focused on your peace of mind. It's fantastic. My wonderful husband got me a gift certificate for my birthday, and C decided that an indulgence was in order, having a small baby at home. Here's a description of our treatment:

Inspired by lavender fields in Provence, our luxurious signature treatment begins with a sea salt scrub mixed with whole lavender buds to thoroughly exfoliate and polish the entire body. After your glowing new skin is unveiled, you are enveloped in a rich, revitalizing lavender cream. Enjoy a relaxing scalp and foot massage while your body drinks in the moisture and antioxidants. The finishing touch is a refreshing lavender mist. Pure bliss!

What a heavenly way to spend an afternoon. Ahhhhhhhh....

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