April 30, 2008

Mother's Day Ideas

*Mom, don't read this one, okay? Your gift may or may not be shown here. Fine, alright, read it, but then let me know if you have any specific requests.
I love shopping for Mother's Day. Even though my Mom is pretty impossible to shop for. She never wants or needs anything. Infuriating. (I love you, Mom!)
But Mother's Day should be the easiest holiday to find presents. If you're shopping for a relatively new mother, then all she really wants is the gift of time. Make her breakfast, clean the house, and take the kid(s) for the day. Allow her to do whatever it is that makes her happy - take a long bath, go for a run, go out with girlfriends, get a manicure, whatever. If you're shopping for a more seasoned mother, then a specific gift may be in order, but it's still all about indulgence.
Of course, what direction you choose to go depends entirely on your mom and her particular tastes and interests. But here are some suggestions that may get you thinking.

Yummy: Chocolates, Tea
Pamper: Spa gift certificate, Bath/Body Items (Burt's Bees, Aveda)
Entertain: Books, Music, Movies

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