April 24, 2008

Shoes and Online Shopping

Aren't these shoes cute? Flirty and summery. I suppose I could buy them, and buy an outfit to match, but I won't. It's just not my style. I am not a shoe buyer. (I am pretty sure my husband owns more shoes than I do.) Actually, I'm not much of a shopper at all. But I will see somebody wearing these shoes with a cute summery skirt and blouse, and I will notice how cute they are and secretly wish I had enough style to wear things like this.

These are the shoes I ended up buying. I needed a pair of weekend "slip on and go" shoes. Although I'm not much of a shopper, we all must buy things occasionally, and I am a huge fan of online shopping. Almost all of the little boy's clothes were bought online from Old Navy. And I must put in a plug for Piper Lime. Piper Lime not only has free shipping, but also free exchanges/returns. I recently ordered shoes and had to return them, because they were too big. It cost me nothing, and they even called to let me know that they had been received. Good customer service on top of everything. Call me a loyal customer now. (But then, as I said before, I'm not a shoe shopper, so not sure they'll get much business from me. So I'm sharing this with my friends.)

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