January 12, 2016

A New Year...

I enjoy this time of year. Similar to September and the start of a new school year, there's a feeling of renewed optimism. A clean slate. An opportunity to both reflect on the year before and make goals for the new year.  

When I think back to 2015, I think of family and work and our routines and rituals. There weren't many big momentous occasions or adventurous trips or home renovations or life changes. We did have a few fun trips, including The Dominican Republic to celebrate Kevin's 40th, and San Francisco in the Fall. I do love going on adventures with my boys. Mostly, though, Kevin and I continued in our work, the boys continued in their school, we enjoyed our many traditions... It has been relatively stable and consistent, which suits me just fine. I'm not big on change.  

I turned 41, and I must say that 41 felt like a more difficult transition than 40 did. Turning 40 felt anti-climactic - I felt the same! However, I felt like I aged tremendously this year. Forty-one brought more obvious (to me) physical changes, and I feel now that I am solidly in my forties. I'm (mostly) okay with this, but I can't say I was totally prepared for it. 

Now that January is upon us, we are in planning mode for the coming year. We are doing some of the same things that have become annual rituals, such as Newport, and we're adding some adventures as well.  Disneyworld! I'm excited. Work continues, school continues - Aaron will be entering his last year at his current school. Work on the house is complete, but of course there is a never-ending list of home improvements to be made. I am feeling the usual start-of-year motivation to eat clean and exercise, although I refuse to cleanse or cut anything out completely. Brownies are too yummy and life is too short.  I appreciated this post on New Year's resolutions:  Be Good, Most of the Time

So life chugs along, steadily, too quickly at times. I enjoy both the looking back and the planning for the days ahead. I'm optimistic and feeling good about where we are. Happy days.

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